About the Author

Why hello there! Brett Gleason here, it's very nice to meet you. I'll start out by saying I am one intense Cougar fan, something I'm going to assume you're happy to hear since you decided to visit a WSU Baseball blog.

Anyways, I've been writing sports since my junior year in high school and have continued all the way to the present, my sophomore year at WSU. I write currently for the Daily Evergreen, the school newspaper. I have been writing men's and women's golf for a year at the Evergreen, in addition to a semester as the staff Intramural Sports writer.

This blog is my first foray into two different fronts: baseball writing and blogging. So please, stick with me as I slowly figure out how I'd like this to work.

I've been a lifelong baseball fan but just recently began following the college level of the game. Being a Mariners and Giants fan I know what it is like to suffer as a baseball fan (minus the very recent WS for my Giants). Being a Cougar baseball fan however, has been much easier. My first year following the team was 2010, where we saw a good deal of success.

As you will realize quite soon just from reading my posts I am not an old-school style baseball fan, a traditionalist, if you will. I hope to appeal to the sabermetric, stats-oriented baseball fan and at the same time maybe even win over some old-school style readers.

Anyways, enjoy the blog and Go Cougs!

Quick Disclaimer: This blog is purely for entertainment purposes and does not look to make a profit. Therefore, if I use one of your images and do not properly credit the source, I am sorry. Please do not be too angry with me.