Monday, November 29, 2010

Introduction to the WSU Baseball Blog

Welcome, everyone, to WSU Baseball Blog, an unofficial Washington State baseball blog.

Here I aim to deliver to you the most informative and timely news and insight regarding the WSU baseball team you can find.

At this point you might be wondering who I am. My name is Brett Gleason and I am a current student at WSU. In addition to my classes here, I write for The Daily Evergreen, WSU's school newspaper, and obsess over baseball.

In the past few years I have been converted from being a typical viewer of baseball into a statistics driven analyst of baseball. So as an early warning, this blog may or may not appeal to traditionalist baseball fans, although I will try my hardest to keep it friendly for all. 

Along the way here at the beginning I will be posting a few scattered articles on why this blog will be focusing more on "sabermetric" statistics instead of traditional counting stats and basic percentage statistics. I hope these will help you the reader better understand the game, as well as better understand my posts.

I'm going to be opening with two series: one on the statistics that will be used frequently in this blog, followed by a series profiling the individual players on the 2011 WSU Baseball team.

So, that's that for the introduction. Also be looking for a short "Get To Know The Author" post in the near future, just to get us all acquainted.

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