Wednesday, March 9, 2011

6-4 Postgame Interviews: Game 2 Against Dallas Baptist

So instead of writing up a game recap I decided to throw up my postgame interviews with Coach Marbut and starter Brandon Williams for you guys. I'd write a recap but I'm in the middle of studying for my Soc exam, not enough time.

Anyways, click on for the transcript after the jump! The questions for Donnie were asked by Craig Lawson of sports info, questions for Brandon Williams were me.

Head Coach Donnie Marbut

Alright coach, obviously maybe not the prettiest of victories for you in your career, but a much needed win. Maybe one you never need more than tonight.
"Well I'll tell you what, I think for a while it looked like we forgot how to play. Which in terms we forgot how to win games. We held on, that's all I can say. It wasn't the way we drew it up, and it wasn't the way we've been practicing the last hundred days. It is what it is."

Nice to see Derek Jones with a couple of big hits tonight, and then hit another ball pretty well that on most nights goes out of this ballpark.
"Yeah you gotta just stick with Derek, he's gonna get going, he's a good player and it just felt like he had a little bit more fun today. Derek works so hard, and he doesn't have a lot of fun, and when you're not probably producing like you'd like to it mounts to the pressure a little bit. He's just gotta do his thing, and maybe tonight's the night that he can start busting out just a little bit."

Paris Shewey tonight, his first action in a while and comes up with six big outs for you.
"Yeah he was great tonight. I mean I wish we could pitch him more but you know that's our closer and we had the weird weekend last weekend with the two quick ones and didn't get to play on Sunday, no real closing situations. So we saved him, and then obviously the senior out there he knows how to pitch and we're going to see him a lot."

Freshman tonight Brandon Williams. Not the greatest outing for you, but he was competitive out there and gave you guys a chance to win the ballgame. 
"Yeah you know Brandon's gonna fine, but what he's gotta understand, that I don't think he understands yet, he just threw 75 [77] pitches in three innings. The line was good, he gave up one run. But you know if you're going to start a game, there's programs that run their kids 125 pitches, that's just not us. We're not out to get guys hurt, we want to keep guys healthy. But Brandon showed us what he can do, he's gotta get some earlier contact so he can keep that pitch count down and get him out there for five innings."

Freshman Pitcher Brandon Williams

First college start, maybe didn't go as long as you'd want, but it was a pretty decent start. What was working and what wasn't working for you?
"Probably the changeup, the changeup was working, keeping them off-balance. I didn't quite find my spot with the fastball, but it was wildly effective somehow. But yeah, changeup kept them off-balance, got a couple strikeouts."

Only thing that probably kept you from going longer was your high pitch count. What do you need to do next time to get that down? Pitch for contact?
"Look for contact yeah, look for groundballs and stuff. But I've gotta start hitting my corners. The fastball, I could just throw it down the middle, but I just need the contact, pitch down lower."

How does the first college start feel?
"Not quite as nervous as I though I was going to be, but I've gotten in [a couple other times], I've thrown five innings before that, so, I don't know, just another game."

The five game homestand for the Cougs wraps up this Friday, Saturday and Sunday against Utah Valley. I'll be gone, back to the west side for Spring Break, so unfortunately I can't attend the games. I'll do my best to get some recaps up with the limited coverage I can get. Until then... Go Cougs!

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