Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MLB Draft: Day 2

Wow. After seeing no Cougar names come off the board yesterday in the first round and first compensatory round, we saw plenty of action today. First off, I'll throw up a list of drafted Cougs and the links to my original post.

If you're looking for information on these guys, the best thing to do would be to click on the links above. With each draft choice post I included the players 2011 numbers, a quote courtesy of WSU Sports Information and some interesting information about the player.

Now, it's basically required I say this: Conley, Jones and Ard are all underclassmen. What this means is that if they are not able to come to terms with a contract with their respective teams, or decide they do not want to take the step to the pros just yet, they still have the option to return to school next year. 

Being picked so high, I don't see Conley coming back*. With Jones and Ard being picked lower in the draft, I would not be surprised to see them back in Crimson next season. Now that is anything but a guarantee they will be back, I would be equally unsurprised to see these two sign with their respective teams. It all comes down to a matter of, are these teams willing to pay them enough to convince them to come out of school early. That or, does the player feel "ready" to take that next step.

*UPDATE: Conley and his fiance just posted a picture on Facebook of the two of them in a sports store. Both are wearing baby blue shirts and Marlins hats. I know it doesn't mean much, but this pretty much solidifies my assumption that Conley will not be back next year. Take this for what it is though, just a picture on FB.

Sidenote: This has nothing to do with WSU, but I'd like to use this space to congratulate my friend, Cody Hebner. Cody was drafted today with the 143rd overall pick by San Diego Padres. I've been going to school with Cody for years and he's a great guy, I wish him all the best. Good luck in making your choice between ASU and the Padres!

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