Sunday, February 20, 2011

2-1 Game Recap: Rubber Match at Cal St Bakersfield

FINAL SCORE: WSU 4 - Cal St. Bakersfield 3

2-1 is a much better way to start out a season than 1-2, that much is obvious. But if not for this teams incredible ability to rally, 1-2 is what we'd be staring at right now. Between last season and this, the series with Cal St Bakersfield is at 4-3 in favor of the Cougs. Spencer Jackson struggled mightily in game two (I'm going to pin that on first game jitters, Jackson has good stuff) and James Wise took the mound today to close out the series with a good performance.

I'll be doing a series preview, but it's running in the Evergreen on Tuesday, so instead of posting it here I'll link to the story when it runs. On to the game notes!

  • Like I said, the first 6 innings were a grind for the Cougs, finding themselves down 3-1 going into the 7th, where things started to happen...
  • Again it was the new kids that came up big in the 7th for the Cougs. Adam Nelubowich doubled to kick off the inning and was driven in by Trace Tam Sing on a single. I've talked a lot about Taylor Ard and he's done nothing but back up my big expectations so far. For the second time this weekend Ard dropped one over the fence to give the Cougs the lead.
  • Wise pitched a good game today, giving up 5 hits, 3 runs (2 earned) and three walks over his 6 1/3 innings, while also fanning 6. It's hard to judge a pitchers performance when you can't actually see anything other than his little animated no-armed torso throwing an animated oversized baseball.
  • Paris Shewey came in for the save and got himself in a little bit of trouble in the 9th, but nothing he couldn't get himself out of with a nice DP. 

Sorry todays is so short and maybe not as detailed as I'd like, but I'm a little crunched for time so I'll have to leave it here. 

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