Saturday, February 26, 2011

3-1 Game Recap: Doubleheader Game 1, WSU-UCSB

It takes a lot to stand outside in 14 degree weather. It takes even more to run in it. It takes extreme dedication to play baseball in it. Despite the cold, WSU pulled off a 5-1 win in the first game of their Saturday doubleheader. In cold weather pitching will always dominate, combine the cold weather advantage with an already stellar pitcher and you have a scary combo.

  • Adam Conley started for WSU in game one and threw a gem. 9 Ks for his second consecutive outing in 6 IP while issuing his first two walks of the season. He had great command of his pitches throughout, seeming to work away from right handed hitters nearly the whole time. Even the few times he went inside on a righty he blew it past them with inside heat. At least 4-5 of his strikeouts came on some sick changeups, totally fooling the hitters. By the time he left (after the 6th) he had 111 pitches and a great outing.
  • This game was defined by small ball on the part of the Cougs. Stealing and taking advantage of their openings to jump out to a 5-0 lead. 
  • Collin Slaybaugh hit an impressive triple early in the game. Impressive not because of the actual hit (a misplayed ball by the UCSB left fielder) but because of the speed Slaybaugh displayed to turn the hit into a triple. Most hitters, that is a double, Slaybaugh used his speed to help create a run, very impressive.
  • Me and my fellow Evergreen writer noted that Taylor Ard could stand to practice some better pitch selection. Might be the pressure of being "that guy that hits" or transitioning into D1 pitching, but he was swinging at pitches that make a hitting coach want to pull his hair out. If he corrects that he's going to be a even more of a force at the plate than he already is.
  • The UCSB team seemed to come out flat and only got more complacent as the game went on. Not a good sign for them, seeing as they still have 7 more innings to play.
  • Near the end of the game there were a few scoreboard problems, but that's bound to happen with a new system. Apparently, inputting double plays breaks the scoreboard, who knew. 
  • More fans than I anticipated would be out here in this weather. The paying section (with the seats, right in front) was cleared but the two student sections on the sides were not. The cleared section was probably about 50% filled.
That's it for the first game, second game scheduled to go off at 3:00.

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