Friday, February 25, 2011

Hey! Readers!

So if my "stats" are telling me the truth, I'm finally getting some steady readership. I'm so excited! Glad I can be providing a place for Cougar baseball fans, or even just baseball fans, to come and get some quality information.

I just thought it would be cool to get to know my audience a little before the first home series this weekend. Leave some comments on this post, I'd love to get to know the people that are visiting the site!

Also quick note: I said it in my last post, but once the weekend schedule is set up for the team, I'll let you know. I'm on the Sports Info email list, so I can actually get it out before anything usually goes up on


  1. Hey Brett, love the blog. I'm currently a WSU student and love sports. Can't wait to see some of your saber stat analysis in your upcoming posts. It would be pretty cool if you threw in some sick graphs as well. Also, I've heard about an awesome new program that you'll be using to track stats...sounds cool! Keep doing your thing!


  2. Dan: Thanks for letting me know who you are, good friend. And I actually really love the idea of graphs, I'm going to try and work that in sometime soon, thanks! And yes, you're program will be in use this weekend...

    Kyle: I love you more. This may get awkward fast...

  3. Brett, my first year following your blog. Highly looking forward to it! I am a WAZZU alumni, former football player during that late 90's. Obviously football is my first love, but baseball is a high second. Split my time between my hometown of Spokane and Seattle. I concur with Dan - graphs are always fun.

  4. C Whitey: Always love having alumni read the site! Glad you're enjoying the blog, hope you keep coming back. And I love the graph idea, just got to figure out where to create them and what to do them on, then I plan on using them pretty often, it's great stuff.